Gibraltar’s Expert Transmission Service

The trained experts at Gibraltar Transmissions offer transmission fluid change services that Staten Island residents can trust, whether driving around Brooklyn, commuting in from Edison or hauling heavy loads on a job site in Bayonne. Give us a call to set up an appointment for a free transmission check.

Maintenance and Transmission Fluid Change in Staten Island

Transmission maintenance starts with a periodic transmission fluid change. Staten Islanders count on Gibraltar Transmissions, the transmission specialist, to keep driving. Transmission service is important to keep any vehicle running smoothly. The experts at Gibraltar service vehicles from all over New York City because they know transmissions.

The transmission is one of the most complex systems in your vehicle. Without it running properly, you burn more gas, wear out your tires faster, and put unnecessary stress on other parts of the truck. Truck transmissions work especially hard when hauling heavy loads or pushing snow. Car transmissions can take a beating in city traffic. The constant starting and stopping, along with your personal driving habits, can wear on the transmission.

With proper maintenance, your transmission will serve you well for the life of your vehicle. Our transmission experts have over 30 years experience in this area and can give you sound advice on how to keep your car or truck on the road and working for you. Knowing when to do a transmission fluid change, for example, can add life to your vehicle.

Manual transmission fluid absorbs friction, but it breaks down over time and then doesn’t protect the components as well. Even automatic transmission fluid, which essentially performs the same function, needs to be replaced. The manufacturer publishes guidelines for such service, but it takes a transmission specialist to really know when it’s time for a fluid change.