Axle Repair and Replacement

At Gibraltar Transmissions, our technicians are equipped to repair and replace key components of the drivetrain, including axles and CV (constant velocity) joints. Many modern vehicles rely on split axles for a smoother ride and independent suspension. Split axles are also used in vehicles with differentials. A problem with an axle may only be discovered when the technician is servicing another nearby component, but it’s important to address problems quickly because axle failure could mean losing control of the vehicle.


CV Joints and Axle Repair

The rubber housing of CV joint boots can develop holes or leaks over time, allowing the grease needed by the axle to leak out. This is one of the most common reasons for axles to fail, as the lubricant escapes, allowing dirt and other contaminants to enter. When the CV joint fails, it is often necessary to replace the axle as well. The telltale symptom of a CV joint problem is a clicking noise on turns. Any thorough vehicle inspection should include checking the boots on the CV joints, but the following are common signs of problems:

  • grease deposits on the inner edge of tires
  • shaking or vibration on the road
  • clicking noises when turning



Axle Replacement at Gibraltar Transmissions

When wear or damage has compromised an axle or another drivetrain component, our technicians can take care of the problem. As we have experience with related services, we can identify any signs of problems in the differential, driveshaft, or transmission. With a wide array of industry experience, the technicians at Gibraltar Transmissions are kept up to date with ongoing training. When an axle completely fails, the wheels may not get any power at all, but we also provide free towing.

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