Differential Services

At Gibraltar Transmissions, our technicians can check the fluid level inside your differential, and we can top it off when the level is low. We can also take care of leaks at the axles or driveshaft. Often, drivers only notice there’s a problem with the differential when it starts making noise.

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Proper maintenance is key to prolonging the useful life of differentials. Not unlike with engine oil, differential fluid change is periodically necessary for adequate lubrication. When leaks develop, or the fluid gets dirty, you can have problems with overheating and parts failing.

Differential Noises

The sounds made by a differential are useful in diagnosing the mechanical problem. A howling noise while accelerating (without rumbling or whirling) means that the gear set is probably worn down from lack of lubrication. Crunching or banging sounds when making turns suggest a problem with the spider gear. Pay attention to the nature of the noise (whether it’s a howl, whine, or clunk) and the circumstances when it appears. Note whether it occurs only during acceleration or deceleration and whether it happens consistently.

Differential Repair and Rebuild

Wear and tear is inevitable along the drive train, and the gears of the differential eventually need to be replaced. The gears inside are more likely to fail if the fluid has run low or if there was overheating. Our mechanics can diagnose and repair any transmission or differential problem. The types of noises made can help guide the mechanic to suspect a problem with the spider gear, pinion, or any of the other components. We can replace any parts and even rebuild the differential to get you back on the road.

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Our technicians are experienced with transmissions, axles, transfer cases, and differentials, so we are equipped to accurately diagnose and address all kinds of powertrain issues related to those components. To find out more about our services at Gibraltar Transmissions, visit us in Staten Island or give us a call.