Gibraltar Transmissions in Staten Island

An automatic transmission in top condition is one of the most important elements in any car. The connecting link between the engine and the wheels, the transmission puts the engine’s power at the driver’s disposal. The information on this site will educate you regarding its operation and maintenance, as well as the tell-tale symptoms of transmission failure.  More importantly, it will enable you to distinguish problems that are beyond the scope of all but the most experienced mechanics.  In those cases, the specialists at your Hylan Boulevard GIBRALTAR TRANSMISSIONS are the best friends your car could have.

Our main specialties include:
Transmission Repair
Transmission Service
Differentials, Transfer-Cases, Axle Repair


Transmission Repair Shop in Staten Island, NY

If you’re in need of a transmission repair shop for your transmission service or for a transmission fluid change, look no further than Gibraltar Transmissions at 2018 Hylan Blvd., Staten Island, NY. In summary, the transmission is built to give years of trouble-free operation for which the vehicle was designed. But, as in all matters of automotive maintenance, transmission maintenance will pay for itself many times over. Your Gibraltar Transmissions professional recommends the following program of maintenance for your transmission:

  1. Change transmission fluid once a year.
  2. Every month or so, check the condition of your transmission by starting your engine on level ground. Allow it to warm up first, then check the fluid level the same way you check your engine oil level, using the transmission dipstick.
  3. Fluid should be a clean red. If it’s blackish, varnished, or has a burnt odor, make an appointment with your Gibraltar Transmissions professional.
  4. If the fluid is low – call Gibraltar Transmissions promptly.


We’ll Get You Going Again

The experienced driver realizes that proper maintenance goes hand-in-hand with the safe and economical operation of his vehicle. Gibraltar Transmissions offers a diagnostic and repair service that is second to none.

When you bring your vehicle to Gibraltar Transmissions, the specially trained technician will perform a free transmission check, which consists of

  • A thorough road test
  • Electronic scan of the transmission system
  • Examination of the transmission fluid
  • Pan examination
  • A check of the related external components, making all necessary adjustments