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  • Do…check fluid frequently.  Hot weather, heavy traffic conditions, towing, or even ordinary day-to-day driving can cause extraordinary engine heat to build up, destroying or damaging the transmission fluid.  Check the color and level of the fluid.  If it is discolored or low, take the care into your GIBRALTAR TRANSMISSIONS professional promptly.
  • Do…check malfunctions immediately.  Know what the warning signals are and have them analyzed at once.  The longer you put off repairs, the greater the damage may be.
  • Do…install a cooler in your transmission, particularly for towing or carrying heavy loads, or if you do most of your driving in hot weather.  Coolers are relatively inexpensive protection.  Let your GIBRALTAR TRANSMISSIONS professional demonstrate what one can do for your transmission.
  • Do…have your car tuned up on a regular basis, to head off the wear and gear problems that are associated with fast idling.

  • Don’t…play ‘transmission technician.’  It’s too intricate and too valuable for even a gifted amateur mechanic.  Trying to deal with your transmission yourself could give you big headaches –  and an even bigger bill.
  • Don’t…stop and start suddenly.  This can cause broken engine mounts which in turn could damage the transmission.
  • Don’t…spin the wheels in sand, snow, or on hills.  Dig yourself our – or get a tow.  Spinning can lead to major transmission damage.
  • Don’t…leave your car in Park (P) without engaging your parking brake.  Another vehicle could nudge your car, causing the parking break pawl to snap.
  • Don’t…shift to a lower gear at traffic lights, as a substitute for breaking.  This is a poor practice that wears down the transmission.
  • Don’t…tow another car with your vehicle if it can possibly be avoided.  If you must, follow this rule for the other vehicle: If it has front-wheel drive, make sure the front wheels are off the ground; vice-versa for cars with rear-wheel drive.