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Gibraltar Transmissions

"Serving Staten Island for Over 30 Years"

Transmission Service

Foreign, Domestic, Standard, Clutch Cars, Vans, 4x4’s, Front Wheel Drive, Overdrive System, RV, Extended Body, 4 Wheel Drive, Trucks, Allison Trans.

High Quality

Nationwide guarantee, 3yr/36,000 miles warranty available, Front wheel drive specialists, Wholesale accounts welcome, fleet accounts welcome.


Transmission Info

Together with a good driver and a good engine, an automatic transmission in top condition is one of the most important elements in any car. The connecting link between the engine and the wheels, the transmission puts the engine's power at the driver's disposal.
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Warning Signs

Your GIBRALTAR professional is trained to spot the tell-take difference between these less serious problems and actual transmission trouble. Why wait and worry when the answer is no farther away than your Hylan Boulevard GIBRALTAR TRANSMISSIONS.
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The Do's and Dont's

Hot weather, heavy traffic conditions, towing, or even ordinary day-to-day driving can cause extraordinary engine heat to build up, destroying or damaging the transmission fluid. Check the color and level of the fluid. If it is discolored or low, contact GIBRALTAR TRANSMISSIONS.
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